“There are some really big questions and problems that we’re facing today… but maybe the most important one is that we don’t have enough young farmers.

– Stuart Oke, Rooted Oak Farm

We are at a pivotal crossroad in Canadian agricultural. With an average age of 55, Canadian farmers are getting older and getting ready to retire, many without a succession plan. While there is a new “crop” of farmers eager to step in and take over the responsibility of feeding our communities — this responsibility doesn’t come without challenges.  

It makes you wonder – who are these new farmers and what are their goals, inspirations and motivations to take on this important role in our communities? And how can we, the public, do our part to support their long term success?

Our initial interviews show this new generation to be knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate. Many of them see their work as a form of activism, and have a strong desire to transform our system into one that can not only grow healthy food but also be truly sustainable for both the people and the planet for the long term.

With this film, we hope to educate viewers on the realities of farming today and inspire people to do their part to support the future of a healthy, sustainable food system in Canada.

“It’s important for us to be inserted into these positions and to let people know that the agriculture system is something that’s on our mind and that we are willing to take on the challenge of keeping it going”

– Adabu Brownhil Jefwa, Youth Farmer, National Farmers Union

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